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Confidence in management is a key measure under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS). Food Safety Officers need to have proof of how you manage and record what you do within your business. Lack of record keeping is one of the main reasons Food Business Operators fail to achieve a high rating.

First, use Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

Completing the relevant sections in Safer Food Better Business management section correctly is the simplest way. However, research has shown that Food Safety Officers (Your Inspectors) want to see more than just tick boxes, so providing extra evidence keeps them happy.

Download and fill in the appropriate templates from our site

Food Solutions FHRS pack includes advice, training and management templates which can be downloaded, printed and filled in to act as a permanent record to satisfy your Food Safety Officers.

The issues below have been highlighted to us. Further templates will be added as necessary.

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Templates included

Cleaning, temperature and maintenance record

One of the criticisms by Local Authority inspectors of food business operators is their failure to have food safety management systems in place.

A group of inspectors in London said recently, "Record keeping is not adequate to demonstrate correct implementation of a system".

To comply with the requirements of the law you must have up to date records to demonstrate due diligence.

This template enables you to have more detailed records of your procedures.

There is also a simpler version if this is all you require

Temperature Record

A simple chart for recording temperatures.

Allergen Policy Statement

The introduction of the Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation 2011 means that from December 2014 allergen information has to be provided on all food (whether sold pre-packed or loose).

Any included allergens (from the list of 14 selected by the lawmakers) have to be highlighted on the ingredients list or by means of a "Contains xxx" statement if there is no ingredient list.

This template is a suggested method (checked by the FSA) to inform your customers about your company allergen policy.

Allergens and Take Away Menus

This template is a simple method of advising customers about allergens. It would be appropriate for take-away establishments. It is simple to use and clearly shows what allergens are present in each item.

Cross-contamination from E. coli 0157

Policy and procedures for controlling the risk of E.coli 0157

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has developed guidance in response to the serious outbreaks of E.coli O157 in Scotland in 1996 and Wales in 2005.

The outbreaks were attributed to cross-contamination arising from poor handling of food in establishments where raw and ready-to-eat foods were handled.

This template will help you demonstrate to your Food Safety Officer that you have adequate procedures in place to address the problem.

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Confidence in management is one of the three areas you will be assessed in under the FHRS.

Your Inspector wants to see that you are confident that what you do controls the risks you have identified in your food business.

Showing you have looked at what you do and written down key procedures, considered the risks and taken appropriate action to control them will demonstrate good management to your inspectors.

Write down procedures

To make sure procedures are followed, and so that employees are aware of any particular policies it is necessary to have them written down.

Your inspectors can also see what you plan to do and it is easier to prove your controls work if everyone knows what the controls/procedures are.

They can be referred to as neccessary and serve as a record of what you do.

It also ties in with HACCP requirements.

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