Allergens and the law

The law on allergen labelling changed in December 2014. Information for customers has to be available about the 14 recognised allergens. If you serve loose food and are asked by a customer, you must be able to tell them if the food they are querying contains one of the allergens.

Reducing the risk of cross-contamination within your establishment is important. The law says that food, which is anything that might be eaten or drunk, must be safe. That means it must not have anything in it which might harm the person eating it.

No food can be absolutely safe for everyone who may eat it. Your responsibility is to make sure that the risks are removed or kept as low as possible. You therefore need to know what the risks are.

Loose Foods and Allergens

Advice on Allergen Labelling for Loose Foods

This Pack provides specific advice on the changes to the allergen regulation and practical help on implementation. It also contains training record templates to enable you to demonstrate to officials that your staff have been trained.

£6.50 (delivered by email)

Practical Allergen Advice


  • How to comply with allergen regulations
  • The changes to allergen regulations (December 2014)
  • Allergens and food handlers

Includes Training modules on:

  • Allergen awareness
  • Allergen regulation December 2014 (restaurants)
  • Allergen regulation December 2014 (takeaways etc.)

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