Specific Advice on Food Issues

You are given a rating under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme by Food Safety Officers on what they find during their inspection visit. If there is something that you have failed to do – it’s too late!

Used in conjunction with the Checklist our Advice documents provide you with the information you require to make sure that you have done all that you can ahead of inspections.

The law requires you to produce safe food, to do this you must have assessed the risks within your business and eliminated or at least minimised them to achieve this objective.

From time to time specific queries are raised about some aspect of food regulations. When this happens we work with officials to provide an acceptable solution. For example:

Safer Food Better Business says you should use pasteurised eggs. Some may prefer to use fresh shell eggs. Food Solutions worked with the FSA to produce a procedure that is acceptable.

Further advice sheets are added to the pack online and existing sheets updated when necessary.

Stand alone advice on specifics

We have also grouped together help, advice and training on specific issues (available in pdf format by email if you have not purchased the full FHRS pack). For example the changes to allergen information requirements, premises requirements - special things you may consider if you have an older premises, cleaning or HACCP.

Allergens and labelling pdf

Advice on Allergen Labelling for Loose Foods

Practical advice on allergens and allergy awareness. How to tell your customers about allergens in your food, and training for your staff. £6.50 (delivered by email)

Practical Allergen Advice

More on allergens

Cleaning and Maintenance pdf

Advice on Cleaning and maintenance

Advice on cleaning and maintenance of equipment. Suggestions for cleaning schedules and records.

More info

Food Contamination Risks

where you prepare food

This information pack offers practical advice on reducing the risks of food contamination.

What are the risks, how can you minimise them, making sure you produce and handle foods safely.

£6.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase)

Advice on Food Handling pdf

safe food handling

General tips and advice on handling food safely. includes a template training record.

£6.50 (delivered by email)

Advice on food preparation areas

where you prepare food

Requirements of the regulations in relation to your premises are outlined and practical advice offered to help you comply.

£6.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase)

HACCP Advice

Probably the subject food business operators get most wound up about, HACCP is actually a lot of common sense

Choose pdf or printed version below - HACCP explained in plain English £9.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase) or £14.50 printed version inc UK postage

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Management Control Advice

prove you do what you say!

What are management controls and confidence in management? This information pack provides specific advice on the basic requirements and practical tips on how to put in place procedures.

£6.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase)

Pest Control Advice pdf

safe food handling

Options for pest control are outlined and suggestions for documentation with a template. Pests pose a threat to food safety, so prevention and control must be adequate and proof of this available.

£6.50 (delivered by email)

Understand FHRS

Food Hygiene Rating level 5

Get to know the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme and find out what is expected of you. We explain the scoring system and what your inspector is looking for, so you can get a high rating. £6.50 (delivered by email)

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£50 for the online version or £99 for the printed pack and online access to documents for a year. Choose from the dropdown options below.

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Advice Sheets in FHRS pack

More added as necessary


  • Surfaces
  • Ventilation
  • Changing Facilitiies
  • Mobile/Temporary Premises
  • Operating from Older Premises
  • Waste Control


  • General Cleaning
  • Cleaning Schedules

E coli

  • E coli 0157 - FSA advice


  • Reducing contamination risks
  • Sources of Contamination
  • Using cloths

Hot holding and temperature control

Durability dates

Pest control

  • Using a contractor
  • DIY pest control
  • Pest control documentation

Refrigeration maintenance

Microwave purchase, maintenance and cleaning

Chopping boards

Handling and storage of oysters

Advice on using eggs

FSA time chart for cooking meat

Remote monitoring metering (beer lines)

Listeria and product shelf life

Use of own eggs in B & Bs

Small egg producers

Domestic pets and B & Bs

Product distribution

FIC Regulation - Provision of Food Information to Consumers 2011

Training in the food industry - do you need it, how much, what does the law say about training

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