What is HACCP?

Get your HACCP system right

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is about controlling risks and preventing hazards.

There is a perceived mystery about HACCP, but HACCP is only about hazard analysis, food safety controls and some records. The seven principles of HACCP form the basis of your food safety system. However, HACCP should not be confused with general food safety requirements.

You must be able to prove your systems identify and control critical food safety and hygiene hazards.

A regular system review programme is one of the requirements of the HACCP principles.

The new simplified approach to HACCP for retail outlets will make it easier for these businesses to comply.

HACCP explained

HACCP explained in plain English

There is so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding HACCP, we have expanded our HACCP section from our FHRS pack and we are offering a 20 page printable pdf version for £9.50. We can send you a spiral bound printed copy for £14.50.

We explain simply what HACCP stands for, why it is necessary and how you can develop food safety systems based on the principles of HACCP to help you produce safe food.

You know your business better than anyone else. We offer information on HACCP food safety systems with examples of how you might develop a system. We suggest where to find more help if you need it.

Also included, is our HACCP food safety checklist which provides you with the tools to carry out a regular self-audit of your food safety systems. The new EU Guidance on simplified HACCP for some businesses is also explained.

Choose pdf or printed version below - HACCP explained in plain English £9.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase) or £14.50 printed version inc UK postage

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Seven Principles of HACCP

There are seven principles of HACCP, they are:

  1. Identifying any hazards
  2. Identifying critical control points for food safety
  3. Establishing limits to ensure food hygiene
  4. Effective monitoring
  5. Establishing corrective actions
  6. Having written procedures
  7. Record keeping

Importance of HACCP

The HACCP system was developed by the Americans, for astronauts. A food hygiene system for testing at stages thoughout production ensured food safety. The principles were so effective, they have become part of international food safety standards. They are the seven principles of HACCP.

For more help with HACCP in relation to your Food Safety Inspections see

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