Frequent Questions about Food Solutions

Q1. What does Food Solutions do?
Food Solutions Publishing Ltd AKA Food Solutions is a non-profit seeking limited company set up to help food businessses (especially small and micro businesses) comply with food regulations in a cost effective way. We are also working to give small food businesses a voice in UK and Europe to make sure they are not ignored in the law making process.

Q2. How do you achieve these aims?
Food Solutions has published booklets and our FHRS Pack to help food businesses understand food regulations and to understand what is required of them to achieve and maintain level 5 in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. We are the only UK representative on the UEAPME Food Forum which represents small food businesses throughout the EU. UEAPME is the only European organisation recognised by the Commission as representing the interests of small Businesses.

We have produced a comprehensive labelling website resource designed to give easy access to labelling rules, to help businesses get their labelling right.

Q3. Why do I need to bother about the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?
The FSA is encouraging consumers to check ratings before eating out. It is likely that a consumer would choose to eat in a business with a higher rating. Our pack helps you to know what the inspectors look for and explains how you can be prepare in advance to get and keep a high rating to protect your business reputation.

Q4. Why do I need a voice in Europe?
Small food businesses are often too busy running their business to put their point of view to law makers - apart from not having time to spend in Brussels. Large businesses often have specialist departments dedicated to complying with regulations and making sure their opinions are heard in consultations. Food Solutions has the structure in place to represent small businesses when and where it matters. If no one speaks on your behalf, you could end up with a totally unworkable regulation that you cannot comply with because the consultation was ignored and the lawmakers only took notice of those who were represented. Don't let this happen to you. The Commission does listen if you speak at the right time. Now is the time!

Q5. I have made a purchase through Paypal but have not received my book/pack/download details - who do I contact?
Most of our products are dispatched manually. If you have made a payment through Paypal, received confirmation of your payment, and not received your goods or access codes please contact, or in the first instance and we will sort out the problem as soon as we can.

Q6. Who runs Food Solutions?
See our about us page for a bit about our directors and the team behind Food Solutions Publishing Ltd.