Why HACCP Checklist?

HACCP Checklist - review your food safety

The last of the HACCP principles requires that you keep records and that you regularly review your food safety procedures, especially if anything changes.

If your HACCP system is in place and working, you can be confident that the food you sell is as safe as it can be. Some food can never be safe to an allergen sufferer - see Allergen page for more...

Food Solutions, in conjunction with the UK authorities, has developed a HACCP Food Safety Checklist. It is a memory aid to stimulate you to ask and answer questions about your food safety procedures and controls.

Our HACCP Food Safety Checklist helps you check your HACCP compliance.

The HACCP Checklist forms part of our Food Hygiene Ratings Pack which is designed to give you the tools to get and keep the highest rating 5 in the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

We have now included our HACCP Checklist in a standalone 20 page pdf - HACCP explained in plain English to help food businesses understand the HACCP principles and apply them to their business. See HACCP Explained below.

HACCP explained

HACCP is a concern for food businesses. The law states, "businesses shall put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on the HACCP Principles. We have produced a 20 page pdf document designed to explain in simple terms:

  • the HACCP principles
  • risks
  • records

We give examples to illustrate identifying critical controls and suggest where you can find more help with your system development if you need it.

Our HACCP Checklist is included in the document to enable you to review your food safety systems easily.

20 page HACCP explained in plain English £9.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase)

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HACCP review

Our HACCP Food Safety Checklist helps you document your system reviews, demonstrating your due diligence.

The Haccp Food Safety Checklist covers traceability, training, premises and equipment, cleaning procedures, cross contamination, temperature control, staff - personal hygiene and sickness and corrective actions if things go wrong.

Use our checklists and prove your due diligence.

Buy FHRS Pack

Our Food Hygiene Rating improvement pack includes not only our HACCP Checklist and the HACCP information, but our comprehensive inspection checklist too.

Use this pack to get and maintain the highest Food Hygiene Rating

£50 for the online version or £99 for printed pack(Both include website access to documents for a year)

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Due Diligence

If there is a food safety issue with your business, the only admissible defence you have is that of due diligence.

This means being able to prove you have taken all necessary steps to control risks and produce safe food.

The FSA has produced Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) and its counterparts in Scotland and N Ireland to assist in the practicalities of setting up a system based on HACCP principles.

Food Solutions Food Hygiene Ratings Pack complements SFBB.

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