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Confidence in Food Safety Management

Food safety hygiene inspectors look for confidence in food safety management within a food business.

Using Food Solutions Food Safety System ensures you can demonstrate confidence in management.

Written food safety procedures, records and training are all required to show you understand and implement your food safety system.

We help you

  • understand food regulations
  • know what food hygiene inspectors are looking for
  • get advice on difficult subjects
  • know how to comply with food law
  • demonstrate due diligence
  • stay in control of HACCP, food hygiene and safety

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Why HACCP Food Safety Checklist

The last of the HACCP principles requires that you review your food safety procedures. To ensure your food safety HACCP procedures are working and that hazards are being controlled, you must review your systems regularly.

Food Solutions, in conjunction with the UK authorities, has drawn up a HACCP Food Safety Checklist. It is a memory aid to stimulate you to ask and answer questions about your food safety procedures and controls.

Our HACCP Food Safety Checklist checks your HACCP compliance (free to subscribers). Be diligent join now.

HACCP Food Safety Checklist download

We are now making our HACCP Food Safety Checklist available to download to non-subscribers.

Go to and click on Food Safety Downloads for more details.

Understand HACCP principles

Our series on HACCP Principles started with HACCP hazard analysis identifying food safety hazards.

Continuing with identifying critical control points, the second HACCP Principle involves identifying where the critical control points are in your business.

HACCP principle three necessitates your deciding what your critical limits will be at your critical control points.

Food Solutions helps you comply with the Food Regulations easily.

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Due Diligence

If there is a food safety issue with your business, the only admissible defence you have is that of due diligence.

This means being able to prove you have taken all necessary steps to control risks and produce safe food.

The FSA has produced Safer Food, Better Business and its counterparts in Scotland and N Ireland to assist in the practicalities of setting up a system based on HACCP principles.

Food Solutions handbooks, checklists and training modules complement SFBB. Signed training modules prove your staff are trained and understand the risks.

HACCP Review

Our HACCP Food Safety Checklist helps you document your system reviews, demonstrating your due diligence.

The Haccp Food Safety Checklist covers traceability, training, premises and equipment, cleaning procedures, cross contamination, temperature control, staff - personal hygiene and sickness and corrective actions if things go wrong.

Use our checklists and prove your due diligence.