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An handbook for B and Bs; churches & charity caterers; butchers & delicatessens; care homes; caterers & catering suppliers; chefs & commercial kitchens; farmers & farmers' markets; food ingredient suppliers; food manufacturers; food packaging suppliers & contractors; health food shops: hotel & restaurant managers; schools & hospitals; grocers & supermarkets

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations contains our HACCP Checklist. Developed in conjunction with UK authorities the HACCP checklist covers each area of your business, checking your food safety systems. Key checks are highlighted, with references to both Understanding Food Regulations Handbook and Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

Understanding Food Regulations Handbook covers main areas of Food Regulation including, HACCP, training, personal hygiene, allergens and health and safety.

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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

The food hygiene safety laws say there are things you must do. This handbook tells you why the laws are there, who must comply with them, and what you must do to comply.  Understanding HACCP, Food Hygiene And Safety Regulations helps you know the law and comply easily.

Understanding Food Regulations

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations Handbook

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You are responsible for the safety of your food

All food and drinks businesses, irrespective of size, involved in production, processing, transporting, selling or giving away of anything edible are covered by Food Regulations. Whether for charity events or in a supermarket - food hygiene and safety regulations apply. It is you - the 'food business operator' who is legally accountable for ensuring that you understand your responsibilities under the law. 

Due Diligence

In food law, lack of knowledge is no defence. You need proof that you are complying with food hygiene and safety laws. This is called due diligence. Proof you are taking all reasonable steps to produce safe food.

'Understanding HACCP and Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations’ clearly sets out what is required of you in simple language. It is essential reading for any food business operator.

Members of some partner organisations can puchase the handbook at a discount.

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