Food Handlers - biggest cause of food contamination

Food handlers can contaminate food if they do not follow good food hygiene and safety practices. Following simple food hygiene rules will prevent this. Therefore it is important that all staff, from chefs to waiting staff, cleaners to transporters recognise their food safety responsibilities. Anyone handling food could cause contamination.

Properly trained staff will understand the risks and be able to take appropriate action to reduce/eliminate food contamination.

A basis for training

Food Handlers Food Regulations cover

Our handbook for those working with food and drink (paid or for charity) - now delivered as a printable pdf, covers the main topics of Food Safety and Hygiene.

Food safety and hygiene training should be proportional to the risks of the job. Each food handler should understand the food safety risks he or she faces. This will mean some training/supervision is necessary. Where adequate in-house training and supervision can be given, training courses are not required. However, evidence that training has been completed and that staff recognise the risks is required by law.

Easy food hygiene safety training for food handlers - £7.50

Subjects covered

  • HACCP - identifying food safety hazards and controlling the critical ones
  • traceability - keeping track of where food comes from and goes to
  • allergens - awareness of allergies and your duties to customers
  • personal hygiene - avoiding contaminating food
  • temperature control - getting temperatures right
  • equipment - cleaning and safety
  • health and safety - responsibilities to yourself and others
  • labelling - avoiding misleading consumers
  • waste - disposing of things in the right place

Food Safety Hygiene Training

Food Solutions Food Safety for Food Handlers booklet (printable pdf) provides a quick reference to the food safety and hygiene rules. It is easy to understand, avoiding jargon and provides an excellent basis for further in-house or external training of food handlers. A training sheet to be signed by the trainee (once the booklet has been read and any queries raised answered) is included.

Food Safety for Food Handlers can be used:

  • as a basis for new staff food hygiene safety training
  • as a refresher for staff
  • to demonstrate training is taking place
  • to encourage staff to consider the risks of their job and recognise their responsibilities