What does the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) mean for me?

The Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC) which became law in December 2011 is the culmination of many years discussion. Food labelling is complicated and has a plethera of regulations and directives which applied generally or to particular foods or processes. The FIC attempts to simplify labelling law, but extends requirements in some areas.

There are 7 European regulations and directives which will be revoked.

Are you confident of your allergen policy?

All food whether sold pre-packed or loose must have allegen information provided for the consumer.

Find out with Food Solutions labelling resource!

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Food Solutions website www.foodlabelling.info has been developed specifically to help find information on food labelling quickly and easily.

Not just a directory

Our resource is not just a directory. It includes:

This resource covers the whole of food labelling, including the application of EU 1169/2011.

We have spent several years gathering links and information together to make it much easier and quicker to find. We initially considered printing the information, but rapidly concluded that to be of any real use it must be up to date and easily amended.

We regularly review and update the information, including official interpretations as they become available.

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Example labels

food label example

If you are struggling to know where to start, look at our example labels. They show snippets of information when you mouse over each area of the label. A click will take you to further information about such things as allergens, ingredients list, dates and there are regulations on how you display the information too. There is also a checklist on the example page which helps to remind you of the requirements.

Comprehensive search

Use the site to search for a particular term or product to find out more about it. You can search through the regulations and official guidance from within the site.

Test your knowledge

Just for fun, see how you get on with our labelling quiz

Online Training

Food Hygiene Courses , Health and Safety Training - High Speed Training

High Speed Training offers online training courses in:


  1. Introduction
  2. Mandatory requirements - 12 requirements
  3. Vertical regulations including:
    • Allergens - pre-packed/loose
    • Animal Products
    • Basmati rice
    • Clear food labels
    • Cocoa and chocolate
    • Condensed and dried milk labelling
    • Country of Origin
    • Fat spreads
    • Fish labelling
    • Food assurance schemes
    • Food colours
    • Food for particular use PARNUTS
    • Food supplements
    • Fresh, pure, natural etc terms
    • Genetically modified
    • Honey regulations
    • Infant formulae
    • Jam regulations
    • Lot marking
    • Meat products
    • Nutrition labelling
    • QUID
    • Sugar products/sweeteners
    • Vegetarian/vegan
  4. Claims
  5. Dates on labels
  6. Country of Origin
  7. Label to sell
  8. More information - including:
    • Principles of food law
    • The UK Food Labelling Regulations
    • Guidance on the UK rules
    • Extra things that must be declared on food labels
    • Claims regulation
    • Recommended daily allowances
    • Guidance on nutrition labels
    • Front of pack nutrition signposting systems
    • Bar codes
    • Protected names
    • Symbols used on labels
    • Other Signs on labels
    • Lion quality eggs
    • Voluntary declarations

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