How to improve your Food Hygiene Rating

What is the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?

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In England and Wales, the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) began rolling out in October 2010. The simpler Food Hygiene Information Scheme was adopted in Scotland. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is designed to replace the various Scores on Doors Schemes that were developed as pilots. All Authorities have been encouraged to adopt the scheme.

Consumers can compare food outlets hygiene ratings throughout England and Wales, under the same scheme. The Food Standards Agency has produced an app to enable consumers to check the rating of a business before they eat there.

In Wales it is now mandatory to display your Food Hygiene Rating.

Food Solutions Food Hygiene Rating Improvement Pack includes checklists, advice sheets, management record sheets and training to help you achieve and maintain a level 5 Food Hygiene Rating. It costs £50 for the online version or £99 in hard copy (choose from the dropdown options below) Scroll down for more information.

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Food Hygiene Rating Improvement Pack

How to improve your Food Hygiene Rating - new information pack

This pack will show you how to improve your rating. Designed specifically to help small food businesses, we have worked very closely with officials to ensure that the contents of the pack 'How to improve your Food Hygiene Rating' are accurate and will genuinely help FBOs achieve a higher rating under the FHRS (level 5 is the aim).

The pack is based round a comprehensive checklist

Together with SFBB, the step by step guidance in our pack can help you to achieve and maintain a high food hygiene rating.

Choose how you would like to receive your pack. The hard copy will be posted to you, the online version pdf checklist and log in details will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Both versions allow access to the documents on the website for a year.

The Pack costs £50 for the online version or £99 in hard copy (choose from the dropdown options below)

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Your Rating

Why worry?

Anyone can look up your food hygiene rating online and the Food Standards Agency(FSA) is working towards mandatory display of ratings in your premises. The FSA has also brought out an app to allow people to look up their favourite food outlets and find out their hygiene rating from their smartphone.

Publicity of the scheme is increasing so good inspection results are becoming more important.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Basics

All food business operators (FBO) supplying food to the general public will come under the scheme (to begin with very low risk outlets may be excluded).

During routine inspections by Local Authority inspectors FBOs will be assessed in three areas:

  • Premises
  • Equipment
  • Confidence in management
Food Hygiene rating sticker - 5 Very Good

The combined score from the three areas will result in a rating for the FBO.

  • 5 = very good
  • 4 = good
  • 3 = satisfactory
  • 2 = improvement necessary
  • 1 = major improvement necessary
  • 0 = urgent improvement necessary

FBOs will be urged to stick a notice on their door showing their rating. Logic would suggest that a business receiving a very low rating will be reluctant to display the information.

The rating for individual FBOs are available on the hygiene ratings website.

Confidence in Management

What is confidence in management?

Inspectors are looking for evidence that you, as the business operator

  • are aware of the food safety and hygiene risks and hazards associated with your business
  • know how to minimise and control them
  • make sure your staff also know your methods
  • make checks and keep records to demonstrate good food hygiene practices are taking place

Food Safety Management Quiz

1. When you have a visit from your Local Authority EHO, do you know exactly what they look at when assessing you?

Yes/No/Not sure

2. Do you know the minimum requirements of the Food Hygiene and Safety rules?

Yes/No/Not sure

3. Are your staff trained?


4. If asked could you show your Inspector proof of training?



The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has produced guidance to help food businesses provide information to customers with an allergy (to one of the 14 recognised allergens).
The FSA advises consumers to discuss their food allergy with restaurant staff and, suggests 'If you are not sure, it's better to eat somewhere else'. The Agency also produces a chef card for food allergic customers to complete and hand to the waiting staff upon arrival.

5. If your staff were shown a Chef Card, would they know what to do and say?

Yes/No/Not sure

The Food Safety Hygiene Regulations require you to demonstrate to your inspector that you are complying. Under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, many businesses failed to achieve the highest rating because they could not demonstrate confidence in management to the inspector.

6. Do you have written procedures and records of food safety checks you make in your business?

Yes/No/Not sure

How did you score?

If you answered Yes to all the questions, well done! If not, it is likely you would not achieve top rating in the FHRS scheme.

Make sure you are prepared, get our hygiene improvement pack and take the first steps to a better food hygiene rating!

Online Training

Food Hygiene Courses , Health and Safety Training - High Speed Training

High Speed Training - online training specialists offers online training courses in:

Hygiene ratings

Good or bad?

If you walked past several restaurants; one displaying a level five rating, another, a level one rating, a third with no sign at all - which restaurant would you be most likely to eat at?

During one trial scheme, several local newspapers highlighted poor performing food outlets – the result was a reduction in the profits of those receiving adverse publicity.

For long-term business security, food business operators need to put procedures in place NOW to ensure that they gain the highest rating.

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