Food Safety Hygiene Inspections

Frequency of inspections of your food business by your local council Food Safety Officers (FSOs) are decided according to the perceived 'risks' that your business poses to your customers. You may be inspected every few months or at up to three year intervals.

Your inspection results are displayed as a rating in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme(FHRS) (England, Wales and N Ireland). This rating is determined on the day of inspection and will remain until the following inspection. Having a level 5 rating does not mean that you will keep that rating at the next inspection. Between inspections:

Commonest criticism in Inspections

Food Safety Officers have told us that the most frequent cause of criticism in inspections is that businesses cannot demonstrate that they are doing what they say they do. FSO's want to see proof!

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Advice, Records, more help

The checklist also:

  • Directs you to further help
  • Lists best practice you should be aware of
  • Highlights simple errors that can let you down

Best practice procedures are clearly identified and not necessarily required by law. However, adopting best practice may help demonstrate you are taking all reasonable steps to produce safe food.

On our FHRS website, subscribers to the FHRS pack have access to a wide range of:

These, together with Safer Food Better Business can give you the records that the FSOs are looking for.

Knowing what Inspectors are looking for beforehand gives you a head start in your inspections

Pre Inspection Checklist

Our FHRS compliance pack is based around our unique checklist. This enables you to do a self-audit of your food safety/hygiene systems before your next inspection.

Our checklist asks questions based on what food laws require. It also provides practical help and advice on how to achieve this.

This gives you the opportunity to improve any areas of weakness ahead of your next inspection, enabling you to get and keep a high rating.

Sections include:

  • personal hygiene
  • premises
  • equipment
  • cleaning
  • traceability
  • pest control
  • waste

Food Regulation Compliance

If you work with food and drink, for charity or as a business, producing and handling food safely is a necessity. Your local Inspector checks for proof when you have an inspection.

  • Do you know what the Inspector is looking for?
  • Do you know what the regulations say?
  • Do you fully comply with Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations?
  • How do you keep up to date with regulation changes?

Check what you need to do to comply and get practical help on how to do it with our FHRS pack

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