Food Handling Advice

There are over 500,000 cases of food poisoning reported each year in the UK. If food is handled correctly in your premises you should not have a problem.

Food handlers should understand the risks involved with handling food, so that food produced or sold by your business is as safe as possible. Training enables your staff to understand the risks and reduce them by using safe handling methods.

Food Handling Advice pdf

safe food handling

This Pack provides specific advice and tips on handling food. It also contains training record templates to enable you to demonstrate to officials that your staff have been trained.

£6.50 (delivered by email)


  • Hot holding and temperature control
  • Cooking temperatures
  • Durability dates
  • General advice on the use of eggs
  • Use of own eggs (e.g. farmhouse B &B)
  • Handling and storage of oysters
  • Reusing glass jars

Includes training template on durability dates

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