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Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations

This is the electronic version of the Food Solutions Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations Handbook.

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EC Regs Text: Full text of the main EC and UK Food Regulations

Training Modules: Training modules help you train your staff and document your training

Food Labelling Guidance: Avoid costly recalls, withdrawals or prosecution - get your food labels right. Comprehensive information and links to make sure your life easier.

Introduction - which Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations apply to you?

Food definitions - key terms in Food Law

Risk & food law - Risk Assessment and Hazards

Safe food - what you must do to ensure food safety

Placing your product on the market - when is your food "on the market?"

Registration with the appropriate authorities- when must you register?

HACCP - your food safety responsibilities - HACCP Checklist

Food traceability if something goes wrong - product withdrawal/recall

Food premiseswhere your food business operates

Rules for equipment you use in your food business - standards of equipment

Personal hygiene - handwashing, jewellry, illness and hygiene

Health and Safety at work - overview

Allergies and allergens - Your responsibilities to allergy sufferers

Temperature control and food storage - Producing and storing food safely

Training - making sure your staff know the rules/control the risks

Appendices: Abbreviations, references, definitions, glossary