About Food Solutions


Food Solutions Publishing Limited was set up about 7 years ago as a non-profitmaking limited company. Directors John, Bob, Ian and Jane, supported by Paul have all been involved with small business for many years.

Our team is supported by many in the food industry who offer technical advice.


Making regulation compliance easier

Food Solutions concentrated on providing information on current requirements and training materials ensuring members fully comply with Food Law. This was initially provided in a monthly/quarterly magazine. We produced Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations, our comprehensive handbook, followed by Food Regulations made Easy, our inspection checklist and Food Regulations for Food Handlers.

All our books and information is written in plain English, avoiding jargon where possible and using a glossary to explain specific terms.

Your voice in Europe

Food Solutions also represents the views of small UK businesses to the lawmakers in Europe and also UK, so laws are workable for all. If views are not put at European level, by the time the regulation gets to the UK it is law and it is too late to change it. Only interpretation can be influenced at UK level.


The UEAPME flyer outlines the role of UEAPME Food Forum in Europe.


The morphing of a multitude of Scores on Doors Schemes into the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and widespread publication of Food Hygiene Ratings means it is more important than ever for Food Businesses to comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations. We aim to make that easier.

We produce booklets and advice and training sheets and our Food Hygiene Improvement pack to help food Businesses achieve a high rating in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Food Labelling

We have also produced online guidance to food labelling requirements to help find information to get food labels right first time. With the new Food Labelling Regulation has come the need to declare certain information even on catering/loose foods, not just on pre-packed foods.

The Food Solutions team

John Golton-Davis

John is our business development manager. He has worked with Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for many years. Having run his own small food business, John understands the worries SMEs face, recognising what matters to them.

John co-edits our booklets and collated the food hygiene improvement pack.

Bob Salmon

Bob pioneered a new dairy product into supermarkets.

Bob maintains close links with UK trade organisations and professional bodies and regularly speaks at conferences in the UK and Europe. He believes small food businesses are the backbone of the industry and does his utmost to ensure their voice is heard. He co-edits the Food Solutions booklets and labelling guidance.

Jane Davies

Jane's wide experience in administration and dealing with small business stands her in good stead for her role as Administration Manager.

Ian Moore

Ian's business experience means he is well placed to handle advertising and other commercial matters. He co-ordinates research and feedback for Food Solutions.

Paul Gregory

Rapporteur for the Genesis Initiative (All-Party Parliamentary Small Business Group) covering food issues, late payment and competition. First employed at the Bank of England, then in hot drinks vending. Paul founded three companies serving the food industry in disposables, as a converter of cling film, and as a major supplier of re-usables to the microwave market. He became MD of an on-farm RTE food operation, now he is involved in regulation at UK and EU level.

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