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Improve and maintain your Food Hygiene Rating

Food Regulations apply to all food businesses from supermarkets to farm shops, delicatessens, B and B's and charities. Our Food Hygiene Improvement Pack makes getting the top score in your inspection easier Find out more

Food labels - problem solved

We have also been working on a labelling resource to help you with the complex problem of food labelling. Our labelling website includes example labels, links to the regulations, directives and guidance on food labelling. This means you can find the infomation you need quickly and easily, saving you time and money. More on labelling

HACCP explained

HACCP - what is it? Businesses often fear the acronym mainly because it is misunderstood.

We have now produced a stand alone 20 page HACCP explained document in pdf format including our HACCP Checklist.

See HACCP page for more details or buy now for £9.50.

20 page HACCP explained in plain English £9.50 (pdf delivered by email within 24hrs of purchase)

Buy HACCP Explained pdf

Your voice in Europe

Most food regulations start their life in Europe and are then implemented in the UK. Until now, UK small food businesses have had little or no input to the consultation process either in Europe or the UK.  As a result, some impractical and poorly thought through food regulations have been introduced. How to get a voice

Join the Food Solutions Nutrition Information Campaign

Meals served to the public will be compelled to carry an energy statement

In 2014 the FIC (Food Information to Consumers Regulation) began to be enforced. You now have to have available information about any allergens in the food you serve to the public. This year the final part of the regulation becomes enforceable for pre-packed foods and this time 'experts' are demanding that you will have to show how many calories are in the food you serve to the public.

If this pressure succeeds and you run a restaurant, takeaway, delicatessen, school canteen or produce food at home for sale to the public you will be forced to display energy levels on your products. That means energy as kilojoules AND kilocalories and all the other nutrients in grams.

Experts are saying "To prevent obesity we think every meal served should have an energy statement."

Individual food businesses in the UK need to act as one and that means joining Food Solutions to stop this happening.

By working as a united force we can prevent this ludicrous proposal from seeing the light of day.

Could you give accurate nutrition information for each of your meals?More info

Food Safety Booklets

Food Solutions has produced a number of booklets to help anyone in a food business to understand food regulations.

more info on basic food regulations

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy. This quick Reference Handbook - gives a useful introduction to the main Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations. Written in plain English, easy to read and understand.

more about food regs for food handlers

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy for Food Handlers - provides a quick reference to the food safety and hygiene rules. It is easy to understand, avoiding jargon and provides an excellent basis for further in-house or external training of food handlers.

more information on understanding food regulations

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations Handbook. The food hygiene safety laws say there are things you must do. This handbook tells you why the laws are there, who must comply with them, and what you must do to comply.

Current Concerns

Nutrition Information on ready to eat foods

Experts are saying "To prevent obesity we think every meal served should have at least an energy statement"

Could you provide accurate nutrition information for every meal you serve? More info

Charges for routine food safety inspections

Inspection bodies strapped for cash are trying to persuade the EU to introduce mandatory charging for inspections - how would your business fund these inspections? More info

Regulation Impact Assessments

There is currently no legal requirement for an impact assessment on businesses before a regulation is introduced, we think there should be.

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