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Inspections and controls on your business

Food regulation post BREXIT will not be governed by Europe. The 'Regulating Our Future' initiative set up by the FSA is planning for this.

Food Solutions which represents the interests of small and micro food businesses has been appointed to the Expert Advisory Panel, to shape how the UK food safety regulation and enforcement system will work.

Bob Salmon has an in depth knowledge of European food law and the requirements of small food businesses. John Golton-Davis has in depth understanding of small food businesses and with agricultural businesses now subject to inspection, Paul Gregory is the Food Solutions expert looking at these issues.

Food Hygiene Inspection Charges and Permission to Trade

Suggestions include full cost recovery for hygiene inspections and a requirement to register and apply for permission before trading can take place.

Thanks to all those who completed our survey, we are producing a report for the Working Group so your voices will be heard.

Survey Results

Background notes on FSA suggestions for inspection charges and permission to trade includes link to survey.

Notes on EU proposals and FSA responses on inspection charges (2011-2016)

The background notes and proposals above were available with the survey. We have now analysed the survey and produced:

Point to ponder:

If you do nothing. Will you be happy if these charges are introduced with the knowledge that you could have had the opportunity to influence the decision? Get your voice heard

Your Food Hygiene Rating

Food Hygiene Improvement Pack

Food Regulations apply to all food businesses from supermarkets to farm shops, delicatessens, B and B's and charities. Our Food Hygiene Improvement Pack makes getting and keeping the top score in your inspection easier.

Practical advice including staff training templates and management control templates to help you prove that you do what you say you do.

FHRS Pack info

Food Labelling

We have also been working on a labelling resource to help you with the complex problem of food labelling. Our labelling website includes example labels, links to the regulations, directives and guidance on food labelling. This means you can find the infomation you need quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

More on labelling

Booklets/Digital Advice

Food regulations made easy

Food Solutions produces printed booklets to help small food businesses understand food regulations and practical advice documents on specific issues such as HACCP, allergens, cleaning, food contamination and pest control which are easy to understand, avoid jargon, and give practical advice on how to comply with the law. They can also be used as a basis for in-house or external training.

Food Safety Hygiene Advice

Your voice in UK & Europe

Most food regulations start their life in Europe and are then implemented in the UK. UK small food businesses have had little or no input to the consultation process either in Europe or the UK.  As a result, some impractical and poorly thought through food regulations have been introduced.

In the light of the Brexit vote a strong voice for small and micro food business is even more important.

How to get a voice

Don't Panic over Brexit!

Keep calm and carry on producing safe food! We are here to help. See products page for details.