Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations solved

Improve and maintain your Food Hygiene Rating

Food Regulations apply to all food businesses from supermarkets to farm shops, delicatessens, B and B's and charities. Our Food Hygiene Improvement Pack makes getting the top score in your inspection easier.

In addition, our booklets give you more information in an easy to understand format.

Food Regulations solved with Food Solutions.

Food labels - problem solved

We have also been working on a labelling resource to help you with the complex problem of food labelling. Our labelling website includes example labels, links to the regulations, directives and guidance on food labelling. This means you can find the infomation you need quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

Your voice in Europe

The next UEAPME Food Forum meeting agenda is now available. Food Solutions will be represented at the meeting.

Food Solutions represents UK SMEs at European level more information on getting a voice in Europe

Practical Guidance on Food Labelling

Our resource to help you navigate the jungle of Food Labelling requirements.

Food Solutions has brought together the food labelling rules and regulations in a single location. Our labelling website also includes example labels with a plethora of information and links to the regulations, directives and guidance on food labelling - find out more...

more information on allergens

If you are a caterer, pub, restaurant or trader selling food unpackaged, direct to the consumer, from December 2014 you must make sure you tell your customers about allergens in your food.

Using your label as a marketing tool. Your label tells the public about your product. The site has lots of information about what you can or cannot use – get it right and increase your sales.

Go to and sign up for 2 weeks access for only £20.

Why improve your Hygiene Rating?

A National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) has been adopted by all of the Local Authorities in Wales and nearly all in England. At present food businesses can choose to display their FHRS rating, those with level 5 do so others with lower ratings may not.

Be proud to display your score before the law forces you to - anyone can see your rating on line now. Soon the law is going to change and you will have to display your FHRS rating. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is doing all that it can to encourage improvement in low performing food outlets.

Jeff Rooker the past Chair of the FSA said "Telling consumers about hygiene standards in food outlets gives them greater choice and the power to vote with their feet – they are able to choose to eat at the places with the highest standards and avoid those that don’t meet the grade".

more on improving your hygiene rating or email or

Food Safety Booklets

A full understanding of food regulations is important for anyone running a food business.

Food Solutions has produced a number of booklets to help.

more info on basic food regulations

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy. This quick Reference Handbook - gives a useful introduction to the main Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations. Written in plain English, easy to read and understand.

more about food regs for food handlers

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy for Food Handlers - provides a quick reference to the food safety and hygiene rules. It is easy to understand, avoiding jargon and provides an excellent basis for further in-house or external training of food handlers.

more information on understanding food regulations

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations Handbook. The food hygiene safety laws say there are things you must do. This handbook tells you why the laws are there, who must comply with them, and what you must do to comply. Understanding HACCP, Food Hygiene And Safety Regulations helps you know the law and comply easily.

Loose Foods and Allergens

Advice on Allergen Labelling for Loose FoodsMore on allergens

Practical advice for those dealing with loose foods. How to tell your customers about allergens in your food, and training for your staff. £6.50 (delivered by email)

Practical Allergen Advice

Food Solutions Review 2014

So what did Food Solutions achieve during 2014? Here is our review on food regs, FHRS and labelling and our outlook 2015. Still plenty of work to do!

Food Solutions 2014 Review and outlook for 2015