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Raw Drinking Milk - Consumer Survey - Results

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the government department that regulates food businesses. In June 2018 the FSA Board will consider changing the regulations controlling raw drinking milk production.

Food Solutions carried out research among consumers who purchase raw drinking milk to gain their views. This is to ensure that the FSA Board fully recognises what consumers feel and understand about raw milk.

The survey ran between the 3rd and 31st May 2018. Thanks to all who took part in the research. The high volume of responses demonstrates the depth of feeling on the subject.

Number of responses to the survey: 2710

View the survey report here

The survey also asked for personal views on two issues (typed responses)

  1. Awareness that raw milk has not been heat treated and could contain organisms harmful to health
  2. Why more consumers are choosing to drink raw milk

UK Food Regulation changes planned

Plans are underway to change the way food safety is enforced in UK. This is whether or not BREXIT happens. We are concerned that UK regulators are working with the big businesses to their own agenda. They are nominally consulting with small and micro businesses, but in reality only very few. The majority of small businesses are independent of any trade organisation and therefore effectively have no voice.

We are alarmed that these legislation changes could jeopardise the viability of many UK SMEs.


To address this, we, and several stakeholders/partners are setting up The UK Food Forum with the aims of:

The UK Food Forum will address issues of common concern that affect all sme food businesses

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Food Hygiene Improvement Pack

Food Regulations apply to all food businesses from supermarkets to farm shops, delicatessens, B and B's and charities. Our Food Hygiene Improvement Pack makes getting and keeping the top score in your inspection easier.

Practical advice including staff training templates and management control templates to help you prove that you do what you say you do.

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Food Labelling

Labelling food is hugely complicated. Getting it wrong could be an expensive mistake. There is an overview of labelling in our FHRS Pack and information and training on certain aspects such as allergens. We also worked with High Speed Training to produce an online training course.

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Booklets/Digital Advice

Food regulations made easy

Food Solutions produces printed booklets to help small food businesses understand food regulations and practical advice documents on specific issues such as HACCP, allergens, cleaning, food contamination and pest control which are easy to understand, avoid jargon, and give practical advice on how to comply with the law. They can also be used as a basis for in-house or external training.

Food Safety Hygiene Advice

Your voice in UK & Europe

Most food regulations start their life in Europe and are then implemented in the UK. UK small food businesses have had little or no input to the consultation process either in Europe or the UK.  As a result, some impractical and poorly thought through food regulations have been introduced.

In the light of the Brexit vote a strong voice for small and micro food business is even more important.

How to get a voice

Don't Panic over Brexit!

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